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Corporate Team Building With Food And Drink Events

There are a number of events which one can organise for corporate team building events and incorporating food and drink can be a lot of fun. Below we look at corporate team building using food and drink.

The team food challenge. This team building activity varies sometimes in that you can set the cooking task to the specific country you are in. The idea is that you split the group into a few groups and they have to create food from the very beginning from planning, buying produce (on a budget) and making the food. This is on organised as a one day task and the participants will not know what the task is until at the start. You do NOT necessarily need cookers etc as part of the task is that it needs to be created using a small camp stove cooker for example. At the end you can organise a food tasting with one or two judges from the teams and yourself as the organiser and then give a fun price, or even a fun forfeit to the losers. The food challenge can be a real fun way for team building and it can include many areas of team building you ant to include such as organisational skills, implementation, practical skills, budgetary skills etc.

If you want a team building event which does not involve the team having to cook you can organise a wine tasting trip for the team and put them into teams to find out specific answers to wine questions and have them grade different wines from the tasting. Wine tasting can be a more light-hearted event than the cooking events, but it still gives the team members a memorable time whilst also giving members a chance to let their barriers down in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. This in turn can help to give the members a very good environment for building an understanding.

Some vineyards at the right time of year will give you the chance to get team members to work in the field picking grapes. You can add a little competition into things before the wine tasting but seeing for example who can pick the most grapes.

The food and wine cruise is a similar event. This is perhaps as much a social and corporate event as a team building event but it is still worth considering if food and drink is something you would like to include in the team building. Whatever event you choose, there are some some fun ways you can include food and drink into the corporate team building events.

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