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The Size and Dimensions of the Munich Beer Festival

Each year the Munich Beer Festival is held in a huge park located directly in the center of Munich, Germany. The park is named the Theresienwiese and called the Wies'n by the locals and is transformed into one of the largest annual celebrations in the world. Half of the park is filled with rides, side shows, food stalls and tents, much like you would expect to see in a county or state fair. The other half of this large park is filled with beer halls that each seat approximately 4,000 people inside with gardens outside that will seat more.

The Theresienwiese has an actual space of 420,000 square meters or approximately 261 miles. The park is restricted by Bavaria in the west which symbolizes the State of Bavaria. In the east it borders Esperantoplatz which holds a memorial commemorating the victims of the Oktoberfest bombing which took place in 1980.

The Munich Beer Festival is free to enter, although you do pay for your activities and beer drinking.
The Munich Beer Festival is a two-week festival which is held during late September and early October. It is one of the most celebrated events throughout Germany and every year around six million people enter the gates into the festival. It is the largest fair in the world to date.

Millions of people flock to Munich each year to attend the festival, staying in the various Munich hotels for this amazing experience. It is fairly easy to find a hotel in Munich for the celebration, as the festival lies directly in the heart of the city and there are multitudes of hotels scattered about for accommodation purposes.

The locals from Munich brew special beer just for the festival. The beer is slightly darker and stronger than the typical beer that is brewed in this area, both is taste and in alcohol content. It is served in a one liter tankard. During the celebration, the first beer is served to the Bavarian Minister-President and the beer is only served by local Munich breweries that are permitted to serve their beer. The tents, again, seat thousands with more seats located outside each tent in the garden area to allow for the multitude of visitors.

Although it is called the Munich Beer Festival, there are also large quantities of food sold and digested each year. Traditional foods such as chicken, sausage, cheese noodles and sauerkraut are served as well as Bavarian foods such as roasted ox tails.

Music is enjoyed throughout the festival as well from traditional sounds to more modern genres. In 2005 the concept of a "quiet Oktoberfest" was implemented to undermine violence during the celebration. The music is now only played to 85 decibels and is only played during the afternoon.

The beer tents play quiet music as well, the most popular being wind music, typically until 6:00 pm, then Schlager and pop music are played. Traditional German dress such as the Sennerhut, Lederhosen and Dirndl has become extremely popular throughout the world due to the festival and a parade can be seen during the event with locals dressing in their traditional fare. Because there are those who are not accustomed to the alcohol content in this specially brewed beer, there is also a medical tent used for those who consume too much as well as those who become ill in general.

The Munich Beer Festival remains today one of the most famous and popularly visited festivals in the world. If you are planning to attend this massive event, be sure to book your Munich hotel well in advance to ensure that you have proper accommodations during your visit.

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Becoming a Festival Vendor

If you agree that nothing could be better than being outside, making new friends, and making some money as your own boss then you are ready to become a festival vendor. Becoming a festival vendor can be easy or difficult; it really depends on the festival you want to sell your wares at. Below are some useful tips on how to get your foot in the festival door. There are many different ways to start out as a festival vendor. If you can’t get in the first time around, then check out some of these additional hints to help you figure out a way.

Join Fairs And Festival Events

If you’ve been to a few festivals, flea markets, or craft show and want in on the action then you’ll have to get busy – early. That’s right, most of the festival vendors you see at your local festivals have signed up for their spot up to a year in advance. Some festivals are more competitive than others. If you have some prior experience being a festival vendor, but you’d like to join a well-known or traveling festival than you know how hard it can be to get a coveted space to sell your wares.

Need to Pay Anything to become Festival Vendor?

The first thing to do no matter what festival you want to be a festival vendor at is to find out who is in charge. Try to speak directly with them about signing up. If you are lucky you will just need to pay up front to reserve your spot and then show up on the first day of the festival. Sometimes you won’t have to sign up until the day of the festival, but most will require you to put down a deposit ahead of time. This means that even if you are signing up for a hot festival a year in advance you still might need to lay down a hefty deposit now. This also means that if you can’t make it at the last minute it you will probably lose your entire deposit. Unfortunately, this is just how things go in the festival circuit and if you want to become a festival vendor you will have to shell out some cash before you’ve made a penny.

Things to know in Fairs and Festival Events

If you have chosen to become a festival vendor at a more competitive show and there are no available spots left, then you can try a few things. You can always ask to share a space with an established vendor. This is an especially good move for a festival vendor that has a small set up or someone just starting out. If the booth fees are high, another festival vendor might be happy to let you set up inside their booth. Ask whoever is in charge or approach a friendly festival vendor yourself. You can also see if there are any cancellations that day or the day before. This can be a real pain since you have no guarantee, but things happen and this could get you in. Negotiating with another festival vendor to hold their spot for them if they need to be away for a day or two is another way to get in on a temporary basis. If you want to be a festival vendor, then you are surely a creative type, so use those skills and figure out a way to get in there.

How to perform well in Festival Events?

The more experience you have as a festival vendor, the easier it becomes to get a space or a better one. Like almost anything in life, who you know matters. Being connected with the organizers and other festival vendors can help you out a lot when it comes to getting a prime space at a festival. This does not mean you need to try to get the management’s attention every chance you can. In fact what it means, is try to be a festival vendor who is easy to get along with and pays attention to the people running the show. It may sounds simple, but you will see many festival vendors put up quite a fuss when it comes to their space or a variety of things. Be the kind of festival vendor that people want at their festival. People will take note of this and this it will help ensure you a place at the festival or make sure that the your favorite space is vacant when you arrive.

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Phuket Vegetarian Festival - Great For Tourists

The most important Phuket festival that is held each year must certainly be the Vegetarian festival. The Vegetarian festival in Phuket takes place during the first 9 days of the 9th lunar month of the traditional Chinese calendar.

The Vegetarian festival normally falls in the last week of September of within the first week of October.

The Phuket vegetarian festival is organized each year to celebrate the start of the Taoist lent. Due to the large number of Phuket residents with Chinese roots, the Taoist lent is celebrated among a large group of the population of Phuket. The festival starts of by devout Chinese religious believers completely abstaining from all dairy and meat products.

The festivities in Phuket that are held during the vegetarian festival can be found at one of the five main Chinese temples on Phuket. The best Chinese temples to visit are the Bang Niaw Chinese Temple and the Jui Tui Chinese Temple.

The vegetarian festival involves more then only the abstinence of dairy and meat products. Other parts of the festival includes the temple offerings to the Monks, offering of gifts to the nine emperor gods which awake during the festival, fireworks and cultural shows but to name a few.

A number of participants to the vegetarian festival on Phuket act as mediums between the 9 deities to earth. These mediums try to achieve a special state of trance. Once this state of trance is reached, their cheeks are pierced by numerous sharp objects such as spears and knifes.

Afterwards these special Vegetarian festival mediums all join a large procession which takes them by many shops which have places altars along the street with special offerings. These mediums pick up the fruits which are offered to them by the shop keepers and they add the offerings to the sharp items which are sticking out of their cheeks. If there is no space available the mediums will give the offerings to bystanders.

It is said to be a sign of good luck and a true blessing if one is to receive a gift from one of the mediums during the festival procession.

The atmosphere of the vegetarian festival is certainly unique and should be experienced by every traveler who is staying on the island during the event. If one was to describe the whole event in a few words then the festival could be described as a religious frenzy.

Where ever you look you will see spectacular ritual dancing, loud fireworks, blood stained shirt worn by the mediums and ancient religious worshipping activities.

If you ask the Phuket residents with Chinese roots as to the origin of the festival then they will tell you a tragic story. They say that a Chinese theatre troupe visited Phuket around one and a half century ago.

The Chinese troupe was struck by tragedy when all members of the Chinese theatre troupe turned seriously ill. The story goes that they had turned ill because they had neglected to offer respects to the nine emperor gods of Taoism. The only way in which the Chinese troupe members could cure themselves was with a 9 day lent which included solely vegetarian foods, long periods of meditations and acts of self piercing.

James is currently living on Phuket and is working on a number of projects. If you are looking for a great Phuket hotel then do consider staying at Club Bamboo Resort. Read more about Samui in his Samui Guide

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