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Christmas Festival Preparations

Christmas Festival Preparations

Author: Jean Leclerc

December twenty fifth is the day that Christmas is celebrated annually all over the world. This day is called Christmas day. The birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is celebrated on this day. It is characterized by gladness and celebrations where friends, co-workers, and family come together to grace the occasion.

A Christmas holiday is associated with giving gifts for families, friends and the needy and it is associated with various decorations like Christmas trees, holly Santa Claus, nativity scenes, Christmas lights and mistletoe.

Though non-Christians celebrate the day too, it is mostly in a non-secular way. All people cerebrating buy decorations like Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas lights among others. Santa Claus gifts are well known and used as Christmas gifts.

There are various Christmas hot deals for Christians and non-Christians. The day starts earlier with preparations and invitations with colorful cards. On the day of the occasion, sumptuous recipes are prepared while others buy meal, deserts and cookies from food stores.

Dinner is the main food for the day. Relatives, friends, workers, and others are invited for a shared meal. Chefs prepare simple holiday recipes until the celebration reach the climax. Party people usually prepare themselves in advance and prepare gifts, food, and drinks to mark the day.

Though many would prefer to buy cooked foods like cakes, homemade are more delicious. They are prepared to the specification of the visitors of the day and depending on the specialty of the December 25. Readymade deserts can be sourced from restaurants, supermarkets and food stores.

Recipes range from holiday Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding to holiday wassail and much more. Gifts are also normally given during this season and no gift is always more appreciated for than a gift that is personally baked and created for someone.

During this festive season it is also necessary to decorate your home and there are tips that Christmas Gift Cottages gives people to help you turn your living room from cold to warm, inviting, and into a joyous mood. The tips are given on how to decorate your house in a simple and inexpensive way that will bring cheer to this season of love, joy, and giving.

For you to enjoy this Christians, you need to try a variety of options in decorations, homemade recipes, invite new friends, make new contacts and share what you have. Besides, donation to the needy is a worthy Christmas idea. There are more ideas online, on books or from friends. Enjoy your Christmas!

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Jean Leclerc, a display coordinator from Oregon organizes all the wonderful unique decoration tips, strategies included on their website. These tips makes this christmas more delicious and fun with friends, relatives and family members. To make this christmas success logon to

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Festival fashion for summer

Festival fashion for summer

Author: Andrew Regan

Festival time is upon us again and, alongside worrying about having enough tent pegs - or getting a tent in the first place - you may be considering what your festival wardrobe is going to contain this year. There are a few tips that you'll be grateful for during the festival, the key one being to pack as lightly as you can. You can spend a lot of time walking to the campsite and hoisting heavy bags and tents along with your food and drink for the weekend can be a strenuous task.

However, you do have to take clothes - though some may disagree - so here are a few items that should be on your essential list. Naturally, clean underwear, including spares, is a must. As well as this, a spare pair of jeans, shorts or trousers could come in handy if the rain decides to soak everybody through and you find yourself trying to dry clothes over a camp fire.

You'll also need fresh T-shirts to change into every day. It's no secret that festivals can be hot during the day and even hotter at night, what with crowds packing into stage areas to dance to their favourite bands - and showers can be hard to come by. So bring plenty of clean T-shirts that'll ensure you both look and smell good. What's more, the right T-shirts could see you making some new friends too.

Lots of people are open to making new friends at festivals. The atmosphere is happy, friendly and full of music-lovers looking to connect and, with an eye-catching T-shirt on, you could find yourself getting approached by plenty of new pals.

Having something people can relate to on your T-shirt, like a retro cartoon T-shirt or something quirky or funny, makes it a lot easier for people to start up a conversation with you. For example, if you've plumped for a Batman T-shirt to proudly display your affection for the caped crusader, you could find yourself conversing with strangers about the latest Batman flick - or arguing that the dark knight is absolutely better than Superman.

This could lead on to other topics and the discovery that you have something more than just a mutual like/dislike for something. Perhaps you're going to see the same bands and are sleeping in the same campsites, meaning you could arrange to meet later to get to know one another better.

Festivals are a fantastic place to meet new people and wearing interesting T-shirts is just one of the way to grab some attention - so pick a few of your favourites and get ready to find some great new friends.

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Andrew Regan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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The Prestigious Cheltenham Festival

The Prestigious Cheltenham Festival

Author: Daniel Johansson

The Cheltenham Festival is the most prestigious meeting in the National Hunt Racing Calendar in the UK. The race prize is second to the Grand National. The Cheltenham Festival is a chance for the best Irish and British horses to come together and race one another.

The event takes place every year in March at the Cheltenham Racecourse in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Massive amounts of money are bet on this occasion, with hundreds of millions of pounds being gambled over the period of four days. As with most horse racing events, betting comprises a significant aspect of its appeal. The event is known for its atmosphere, most notably the famous Cheltenham roar. The Cheltenham roar refers to the noise made when he horses enter the home straight and long run in. The roar also refers to the incredible amount of noise which is made at the opening race of the festival.

Traditionally the race was ran over a period of 3 days, however this changed in 2005 when a fourth day was introduced. There are 24 races altogether, with grade one events including the;

* Champion Bumper

* Triumph Hurdle

* Supreme Novices Hurdle

* Ballymore Properties Novices Hurdle

* Arkle Challenge Trophy

* Royal & SunAlliance Chase

* Champion Hurdle

* World Hurdle

* Queen Mother Champion Chase

* Cheltenham Gold Cup (The final race)

The first Cheltenham Festival took place in 1902 and since then has continued to gain more and more distinctions within the racing calendar, becoming nearly as in important as the Grand National, the prize money also seconding the Grand Nationals prize. Every year without a fail now, the build up to Cheltenham excitement begins months in advance. Most of the betting takes place when the actual event is taking place, hundred of millions of pounds is spent on races.

Jump racing being most popular attracting most of the attention; the entrants for the jump racing are in incredible form with months of training. The three most popular races being Champion Hurdle which is ran on the Tuesday. Followed by the Queen Mother Champion Chase on the Wednesday and on Friday by the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

A number one priority of the Cheltenham Racecourse has been to provide the best underfoot conditions for the horses. The aim has been to provide the best conditions for the Cheltenham Gold Cup but also for events taking place throughout the whole year. Using the available ground has enable the Racecourse to produce fresh ground on the new course for both third and in 2005 the fourth day of the festival. Cheltenham now consists of two racecourses known as the new course and the old course.

A day at the Cheltenham Festival comprises of six races, with the meeting getting underway with the Supreme Novices Hurdle on Tuesday afternoon, which is the first race of the event. The Feature race however being the Champion Hurdle, which regardless of attracting large fields is normally taken by those more favoured in the Cheltenham betting markets.

The most successful horse in Cheltenham Gold Cup history was Golden Miller, who won five times from 1932. There have also been another three horses that won the gold cup 3 times consecutively.

* Cottage Rake in 1948 - 1950

* Arkle in 1964 - 1966

* Best Mate in 2002 - 2004

The race course has many advantages including onsite accommodation and several restaurants to choose from. At Cheltenham there is a huge choice of places where food and drink is available, ranging from bars to seafood and beef burger stalls. An impressive range of hotels are in the surrounding area, offering exclusive deals whilst the Cheltenham Festival is on.

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Daniel Johansson is an Internet Technologist who has an interest in sports betting. There are many horse racing and betting events in the UK this year, many websites promote the Cheltenham Festival and offer Cheltenham betting odds.

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Bonnaroo Festival Tickets

Bonnaroo Festival Tickets

Author: Debbie Spellacy

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is a production of Superfly Productions and AC Entertainment. The festival has been held annually since 2002 at Great Stage Park on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee. Manchester is approximately 60 miles to the southeast of Nashville, Tennessee. Bonnaroo's main attractions include multiple stages of live music which feature a mixed bag of musical styles including world music, hip hop, jazz, bluegrass, Americana, Country music, folk, gospel, alternative music, reggae and electronica. Originally, jam bands were the mainstay at the festival, however, in recent years this has changed to include just about every type of music on the planet!

This Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival also features artisans and craftsmen selling one-of-a-kind treasures, food and drink vendors and fun activities put on by varied corporate sponsors. The sponsors of the Bonnaroo Festival are required to provide free activities for all attendees. Recently, the festival organizers have really pushed "being green" and emphasized the importance of recycling to the crowds.

The word "Bonnaroo" is a Cajun slang word meaning "a really good time." Popular rythm and blues artist Dr. John made the word popular with his 1974 album, Destively Bonnaroo. The name is also meant to honor the rich Louisiana music tradition which inspired the festival's organizers to present an array of spectacular live music for very loyal fans. This festival brings Coffee County in Tennessee more than $14 million in business revenue and more than $4 million in personal income annually (figures calculated in 2005).

It will be held from June 11-14, 2009 in Manchester, Tennessee. The Bonnaroo Festival was voted the Best Festival in 2008 by Rolling Stone who called it "the ultimate over-the top summer festival." Where else can you camp out on a 700 acre farm in Tennessee and enjoy a unique blend of people, entertainment and cultures? The headliners that have been announced for the festival are Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and Phish, who has recently reunited for a spring/summer 2009 tour. Phish has a following of phans that span the world, they never perform the same concert twice, which adds to their appeal.

Other artists who will be performing at the Bonnaroo Festival are Nine Inch Nails, Wilco, Elvis Costello, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Al Green, Merle Haggard, David Byrne, Lucinda Williams, Santagold, Jenny Lewis, and the Ting Tings. Start praying for great weather and come enjoy a concert you'll long remember.

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How To Survive A Festival This Summer

How To Survive A Festival This Summer

Author: Patrick Omari

Live music, getting drunk in fields, mud diving, interesting characters, over flowing portaloos, oh yes festival season is in full swing and for most it's the highlight of their whole year. There's nothing quite like the atmosphere at a festival, when the sun sets, the band you've waited to see starts up and the crowd roars. For a few short days you can forget it all and become engulfed by this magical festival feeling before getting back to reality.

Festivals are now more popular then ever with new smaller sites setting up in local places, and with the new festivals come new festival goers. Daunted by the whole camping, not showering, drunken lifestyle - panicked people turn to the internet for guidance on what to expect and what to bring.

With this year's most sort after festival steadily approaching (that's Reading Festival just incase you didn't know), I thought I'd share my festival hints and tips with any first time festival goers. Preparing for an occasion like this is like a military operation, come prepared and you'll have an amazing time, come unprepared and the whole thing will fall apart. With these few tricks and some essential packing I believe that you'll have a weekend to remember.

Purchase a trolly - trust me you will end with massive red welts on your hands from carrying things. Usually the car park/bus depo is quite walk away from the campsite and if you are just relying on your hands to get your belongings from A to B then you should think again. If you are clever you will also be bringing a travellers backpack - on which you can hang many an object from its straps and zips like a human bucking bronco. Carrying your belongings can really dampen the start of your festival and put you in a foul mood.

Wellies - rain or shine these are your best friends. Walking over uneven terrain in shoes or (god forbid) heels will cause serious damage. I find if you are wearing wellies 24/7 then you get the right amount of grip and stability in any condition.

Baby wipes - this will be your daily shower. Not the most luxurious wash you've ever had but it gets you clean nonetheless. Trust me you feel ten times better after using these.

Toilet roll - it's actually amazing how many people don't bring toilet roll, yes it is supplied in the portaloos, but it runs out so quickly. People go into survival mode and instantly snatch whole rolls of paper if they are left in the loo. It's festival gold-dust.

A little point for the ladies - if you are going to use a sheepee/whiz then please do it in the toilet. I can understand it's easier than hovering over a cess pit of a portaloo, but nobody wants to see you lined up with the rest of the male population against a fence - it makes you look weird.

Airbed - a bit of a luxury yes, but totally worth it. You can pick one up in Asda for a tenner. If you've ever slept on a roll mat or ground sheet then you'll know what I'm talking about, it's hard, cold and will give you aching joints. You want to be at your festival best and not yawning - so invest because it's well worth it. For the ultimate nights sleep get some earplugs as well.

A good sleeping bag - bringing a duvet is just a big no-no. It gets wet, they are hard to carry and to be honest you look like you've never been to a festival in your life. You can pick up festival sleeping bags from Millets which are specially designed for festival season, I brought one this year and they are spot on. For those who feel the cold I recommend bringing a jumper to wear to bed just incase.

A good tent - the best way to ruin your festival experience is to buy a poor tent. Two skin tents are a must, single skin tents will let in water and if you touch the sides when you stand prepare to get soaked. If you can afford a tent with a porch then buy one - it provides a nice shelter for your party when it pours. If you have a flag of some sort then attach it to the top of you tent so you can locate it within the hundreds.

A picnic blanket or ground sheet. There is nothing better than getting your friends to form a circle of tents around a central party point in which you can lay a ground sheet/blanket. A small patch in which you can all sit together is also a festival must, it forms the pre-party before you head off to enjoy the entertainment and a breakfast spot to laugh about the previous nights activities. Some people like to pop a gazebo up in this space - this is a brilliant idea however some campsites don't allow them. Be warned, if you are leaving a gathering space then make it small enough so someone can't put a tent up in it - lengthen guy ropes into the area.

Torch - walking, going to the loo, rummaging in the tent, sitting in a gathering spot outside the tent. A torch is a festival essential.

Basic clothes. It's not a fashion parade, although you can still look good. If you pack your best clothes prepare to say good-bye to them. You will get laughed out of the festival if you are dressed up to the nines, it's just common sense to be comfortable in that environment. Besides you will stick out like a sore thumb and possibly be mocked. Fancy dress is always fun, so if you want to dress up then let it be costume.

Bin bags - a clean camp is a happy camp so just bring some bags to pop your rubbish in (recycling and black sacks if possible!). They also double up as seats protecting your derriere from the damp ground, keep your clothes nice and dry, and in the case of wet wellies - stick your foot in a bin bag before popping it in the wellie.

Hat and Rain Mack - your hair will get greasy (unless you have dry shampoo) so a hat helps to hide the embarrassment. Unless you want to get seriously ill then I suggest getting a rain mack. I've been caught in a down pour with no rain mack and stayed soaked for many hours. Rain macks and festivals go hand in hand.

For those who can't live without their phones - get a portable charger. There are usually charging tents at festivals but they are damn expensive and who wants to waste time in a tent charging their phone!

It goes without saying really but never leave anything in your tent that you don't mind losing. There will always be those sorts of people who steal things from tents, they will be in and out before you know it. Bumbag, handbag, backpack, pockets - keep your valuables on you.

Food and drink - festival food is notoriously expensive so bring your own. I know everyone will turn their noses up but pot noodles are excellent festival food - quick easy and warm. You don't even need a camping cooker - bring a flask, walk to the nearest tea/coffee stall and sweet talk them into giving you some hot water. Festival drinks are also expensive so take your own water and alcohol.

Last but no means least - music. It would seem odd to many that if you are going to a music festival that you would need to bring music of your own. But, after the main acts have finshed and you're not quite ready for bed - the music comes in handy and provides a great end to a fantastic night.

So there you have it, all the hints and tips for a perfect summer festival. Enjoy.

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Patrick is an expert Research and Travel consultant. His current interests are in Edinburgh Airport Parking, Edinburgh Airport Hotels.

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Surviving The Summer Music Festivals

Surviving The Summer Music Festivals

Author: Peter Miles

Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading, Secret Garden Party, Glade, Bestival, Latitude, Download, T in the Park, the list of festivals and outdoor music events in the summer is as long as your arm. Thousands of people gather in fields around the country, brought together by their unifying love of live music. It's very special. You watch artists that you idolise with hundreds of thousands of other people, all feeling the same exhilaration and euphoria, singing and dancing along to legendary tracks and the anthems to your lives.

The camp site is buzzing through the night with new friendships and experiences, drinking and dancing in the dark, immersing your self in the vibrant atmosphere. It's the best time of the year and you'll be talking about it till the next one, wearing your wrist band like a medal until it snaps 6 months later.

Well, it can be that good, or it can be a nightmare if you don't prepare yourself properly for the hazardous conditions you potentially face. Here is the essential check list to ensure your survival and maximisation of good times at whichever festival you are going too this summer.

Money. You will need to take quite a lot of cash with you unless you don't mind queuing for three hours in the five mile line for the only cash machine on the entire site. Unless you have brought enough food and drinks with you, you're going to have to shell out quite a lot on them as food is always expensive at music festivals. You'll need to keep the money on you and well concealed, pick pockets go to festivals too.

You're more than likely going to be drinking over the festival weekend. It can be very expensive to buy your drinks at the event so it's best to bring some with you. Most, if not all, festivals will not allow glass bottles to brought inside so bring boxes of wine and cans of beer, plastic bottles of water and soft drinks and if you're bringing spirits decanter them into a plastic container first. At the Carling festivals, if you help clean up you are rewarded with cans of carling for handing in bin bags of rubbish from the campsite, this is great because it helps keep the area clean and your save a bit of cash.

I hate to sound like a bore here but try to be responsible with how much you drink, it will be awful if you get drunk and lose your friends and can't find your tent, you become vulnerable when you're intoxicated too so be aware. Drink plenty of water, sleeping in tents in the heat when you've been drinking booze can make you feel very ill and dehydrated. Take plenty of bottled water with you.

Take a disposable camera. Dropping your lovely digital camera in the mud at Glastonbury would be upsetting, not only would you lose your camera but the treasured pictures too. Losing a disposable camera would not be quite the same disappointment, and if you manage to look after it and get it home, when you get it developed you have that element of surprise and excitement that doesn't exist so much with the digital alternative.

Tent! Obvious I know but there are a few points to consider regarding your home for 3 days.

1. Pitch your tent at the top of a hill if you can. If (well, when) it rains, you don't want to be sliding down the hill or even worse, at the bottom with your tent totally soaked. If you have to pitch on a hillside, have your door facing downwards so that the muddy water can't come through it. Oh and another obvious point but one worth remembering; don't camp near the toilets!! I think you can figure out why.

2. A two man tent is just that. It fits two people, think about where you are going to put all your bags and valuables, if you can deal with a tight squeeze then do it, if you can't then your sleep is going to be very uncomfortable.

3. Padlock. Unfortunately if you give a thief an opportunity then they will take it. Lock your tent whilst you're away from it and it would be wise to lock it at night too, to save yourself having random drunk people mistaking your tent for theirs and climbing into bed with you.

4. Take gaffa tape to deal with holes in your tent, again this is a rain safety point. We live in England, it's probably going to thunder down at some point!

5. Make your tent obvious so that you can find it. Write on the side of it or put up a flag that no one else will have.

It might be sunny. There is always the slight possibility of freak good weather. Most of us are not use to this event so a few things you will need to familiarise yourself with are; sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and drink lots of water.

You will find a heavy appreciation for wet wipes. They will save you. You won't have a sink nearby to wash your face and hands most of the time and the wet wipe will become your best friend.

Take dry shampoo with you. You can buy cans of batiste which you spray on to your greasy unwashed festival hair and then brush it out to have lovely clean hair again. It's a God send.

Throat Lozenges will ease the pain after a night of chain smoking. Pain killers for your hang over are essential and Imodium in case you get some tummy trouble after a dodgy barbeque.

Finally, don't forget a torch, condoms (you might meet the love of your life, or you could just get beer goggles) camping chair and toilet paper. Take a radio with you, Bestival and Glastonbury and probably more festivals have their own radio shows so you can keep updated with what's going on, it's good to have a listen in the morning to help plan your itinerary for the day. Radio or a guitar is also good for the campsite at night to keep the musical atmosphere alive.

Whichever festivals you go to, you're bound to have an amazing time. I hope this survival guide has helped save you from the potential blunders. Good Luck!

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Student Book is a website for prospective and current students. It offers a university comparison tool and a wealth of information on the ins and outs of applying to university. The site is also a guide to student life with advice on finance, welfare, study skills, accommodation and a lot more. These are helpful, relevant and entertaining articles aimed at students and future students.

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The Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival

You have probably heard of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Have you also heard about the less well-known Hungry Ghost Festival?

Just as the Americans have the Halloween, the Chinese have their version of a ghost festival too. This year, Year 2006, the festival of hungry ghost starts on the month of August of the Western Calendar.

Celebrated mostly in South China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and especially in Singapore and Malaysia, the Hungry Ghost festival is a mixed Taoist/ folklore occasion that is taken very seriously by the Chinese. This festival falls on the 7th month of the Lunar New Year and is believed by the Chinese that during this month, the gates of hell are opened to free the hungry ghosts who will then wander the earth to seek food.

Filial Chinese families would celebrate this festival to remember their dead family members and pay tribute to them. At the same time, they also pray and pay tributes to other "unknown wandering ghosts" so that these homless souls will not intrude into their daily life and bring along misfortunes or bad luck to them or their family.

How is the festival celebrated?

One of the most popular belief among the Chinese is that the dead return to visit their living relatives during the 7th month and thus they prepare a sumptuous meal for these returning ‘hungry ghosts’. The Chinese feel that they have to ensure that their ancestors are "well fed and clothed" in order to be happy and to bless their decendents.

During the 7th month celebrations, the Chinese offer prayers to their deceased relatives, burn joss sticks, paper money and offer food. In Singapore and Malaysia, it is a common sight to see entertaining ‘ wayang’ or Chinese Opera and concerts performed on outdoor stages in some neighborhoods. These events are always held at night. There is a belief that this entertainment would please those wandering souls. These shows are very popular and often filled with audience but the front row seats are always left empty for... you guess it, the unseen ghosts!

Superstitious belief for the hungry ghost festival

Another interesting belief that the Chinese have about the festival is that it is bad to go swimming during the 7th month. They think that an evil ghost may cause you to drown in the swimming pool. In addition to this, children are also advised to return home early and not to wander around at night. This belief is due to the reason that the wandering ghosts might possess children. Thus, it is not surprising that swimming pools, beaches, shopping malls, cinemas, bowling alleys will report a dip in customers during this month. This is also a month considered not auspicious to get married, start a business, move house or even to travel. Plane, bus tickets and hotel rates tend to be at their lowest peak during this month!

Offerings to the Dead

The Chinese also give a lot of offerings to the deceased. These offerings are made by burning fake money notes, which are also known as ‘hell money’ and even paper television or radio sets. Some families also burn
paper houses & cars to give to their dead relatives. The Chinese feel that these offerings reach the ghosts and help them live comfortably in their world.

The Chinese regard the 15th of the month as an important date to give a feast to the ghosts. On this date, the family will cook a lot of food and offer them to the deceased. This is done to please the ghosts and also to gain good luck for the family. 15 days after the feast, the festival will be over, as the Chinese believe that the ghosts return back to where they come from.

That is, until the next Lunar 7th month....

Keen to read more about Chinese culture? The author, Ken Cheong, writes on Chinese culture and other interesting China-based information. Please visit and for more interesting information.

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Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival

There is nothing I like better than eating and drinking so the Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival is quite possibly the ideal weekend away...but it's the last place to go if you're watching your waistline! Named England's Finest Market Town by Country Life Magazine some years ago, Ludlow has a long tradition of selling quality local foodstuffs from the regular market.

Whether food is a part of your working life or you just appreciate good food and drink this is the place for you.

Set in Ludlow, Shropshire and held between the 7th and 9th of September this year, the Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival celebrates everything that is great about eating and drinking.

The first festival was held in 1995 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The timing of the festival means you can usually count on great weather and Shropshire is home to some of the UK’s loveliest countryside.

The festival’s objective is to celebrate the quality and diversity of the independent food and drink producers in and around Ludlow and the Marches.

Industrially-produced products do not feature in the festival, this is all about real food and drink and you’ll get the chance to buy and sample some of the best.

The festival is run by volunteers and therefore always has a great atmosphere. The people here love food and love what they do so you’re guaranteed a smile from everyone.

For something a little different and to get the chance to indulge your passion for food and drink the Ludlow Marches festival is the ideal summer trip.

Russ Pooley writes for Drake & Cavendish who provide a luxury hotel research directory featuring over 5,000 luxury hotels in over 700 resort locations around the world. As a content provider we are committed to developing entertaining and informative travel related information. You can read further articles and details at

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