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Festival fashion for summer

Festival fashion for summer

Author: Andrew Regan

Festival time is upon us again and, alongside worrying about having enough tent pegs - or getting a tent in the first place - you may be considering what your festival wardrobe is going to contain this year. There are a few tips that you'll be grateful for during the festival, the key one being to pack as lightly as you can. You can spend a lot of time walking to the campsite and hoisting heavy bags and tents along with your food and drink for the weekend can be a strenuous task.

However, you do have to take clothes - though some may disagree - so here are a few items that should be on your essential list. Naturally, clean underwear, including spares, is a must. As well as this, a spare pair of jeans, shorts or trousers could come in handy if the rain decides to soak everybody through and you find yourself trying to dry clothes over a camp fire.

You'll also need fresh T-shirts to change into every day. It's no secret that festivals can be hot during the day and even hotter at night, what with crowds packing into stage areas to dance to their favourite bands - and showers can be hard to come by. So bring plenty of clean T-shirts that'll ensure you both look and smell good. What's more, the right T-shirts could see you making some new friends too.

Lots of people are open to making new friends at festivals. The atmosphere is happy, friendly and full of music-lovers looking to connect and, with an eye-catching T-shirt on, you could find yourself getting approached by plenty of new pals.

Having something people can relate to on your T-shirt, like a retro cartoon T-shirt or something quirky or funny, makes it a lot easier for people to start up a conversation with you. For example, if you've plumped for a Batman T-shirt to proudly display your affection for the caped crusader, you could find yourself conversing with strangers about the latest Batman flick - or arguing that the dark knight is absolutely better than Superman.

This could lead on to other topics and the discovery that you have something more than just a mutual like/dislike for something. Perhaps you're going to see the same bands and are sleeping in the same campsites, meaning you could arrange to meet later to get to know one another better.

Festivals are a fantastic place to meet new people and wearing interesting T-shirts is just one of the way to grab some attention - so pick a few of your favourites and get ready to find some great new friends.

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