Friday, 4 December 2009

Festival Survival Guide

It's summertime and out comes the normal round of big open air concerts in Europe and these concerts we hope we have no rain and plenty of sunshine and instead sometimes we get complete downpour and its not very good at all.

So if you are planning to spend time at a festival this year spend time to think of the few essentials for surviving at an open air concert. There is a product available that you can get called a festival survival kit and I can recommend one as well as thinking about having these as well. The first thing you must realize is you are going to be in the hands of the promoters and they will want you to spend money on everything from water to toilet roll.

Try to find out what is going to allowed on the site to start with many festivals have camp sites organized so make sure that you get your festival kit together. A tent for two people are both light weight and easy available try to find one that is easy to put up as you may arrive at the site in a typical British summer day to have torrential rain.

Bring water, bring toilet rolls bring black plastic bags as these can not only be used for the mess that will be made from drinking etc but can be worn in a rain storm to keep you relatively dry even though you may feel silly but it's better to be silly than wet. If you are taking transport i.e. cars then make sure you keep all your valuables within the car and out of site while you're off watching the concert.

Consider carefully where to put your tent as you should want it on an incline but not at the bottom as this will help if there is surface water. You also need to consider your escape plan at the end of a festival there is a massive queue to get out try to be where you can get out easily even if this means driving round for a bit to find a good location.

Make sure you pack suitable clothes as often once you are in the arena area access in and out can be restricted. Be careful what you eat as the best whole food is more likely to stay stable in your system some burger stalls are not exactly the healthiest choice and you don't want your festival experience to be ruined by a dose of food poisoning.

Bringing as much water as you can as this is always something that you will run out of during the day remember on a sunny day you may need a lot more than the six recommended glasses a day to keep yourself hydrated. Check on your hydration level by examining your pee as the lighter the color the more hydrated you are.

Keep your skin protected bring a good sunscreen and use it regularly during the day as you can get quite badly burned if you fall asleep in the sunshine. Try also to remember to bring something comfortable to sit on as the grass if dried out can be hard and uncomfortable.

Try not to drink too much alcohol as this cannot just spoil your day but everyone else's be sensible with your rubbish and think of other people while you're at the festival . Always think ahead and remember that if you are single and get lucky at a festival bring the correct hygiene and contraceptive devices to let you have and enjoyable festival experience.

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