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Festivals of Kyrenia

Festivals of Kyrenia

Author: Shereena Lingiah

Kyrenia holidays are about more than just pretty scenery, swimming in the sea and lying on the beach. Of course, you'll want to do this too, but there are plenty of cultural activities which are great to engage in at the same time, adding a whole new element to holidays spent in this beautiful area. Music lovers will revel in the jazz, classical and folk performances held here, and food lovers will enjoy the wide variety of traditional food that lies at the heart of most of the festivals. And those who like a good night of partying will enjoy the traditional drinks and generally festive spirit. Here are some of the best festivals celebrated in Kyrenia.

The Kyrenia Jazz Festival

The Kyrenia Jazz Festival is an annual event held at the Rocks Hotel and Casino, and jazz lovers from around the world flock to Kyrenia for the jazz extravaganza. The festival hosts world class musicians, giving it accreditation in the world of jazz as a top notch event. But even if you're not a jazz connoisseur and you're just looking for some entertainment on your Kyrenia holiday, you are sure to enjoy some vibrant performances and get into the spirit of the festival. Musicians such as Tony Jones have performed here, spreading the word of the festival through their international recognition.

The Kyrenia International Olive Festival

October is a great time to plan a Kyrenia holiday, where you will be able to attend the fantastic Kyrenia International Olive Festival. Aside from the obvious focus on olives, the festival is all about entertainment. You can feast on local foods and drink, and watch entertaining local parades go by. Traditional dancers will wow you with local Turkish and Cypriot performances, and folk music concerts will fill the air with traditional tunes.

Classical Music in Kyrenia

The International Bellapais Music Festival begins towards the end of May each year, at the Bellapais Abbey which is not too far from Kyrenia. But the festival is not limited to Bellapais itself, and during this time a number of fantastic performances can be enjoyed in the surrounding towns. Performances are usually classical, but with a distinctly Turkish flavour. Music lovers are sure to enjoy being in the area at this time, as the music is interesting and fresh, both intriguing and beautiful to listen to.

Peace and Freedom Day Celebrations

The 20th of July is a day close to the hearts of the Turkish people, and large celebrations are held around the country in its remembrance, celebrating the peace and freedom of the Turkish people. The 20th of July is now known as Peace and Freedom Day, and it is celebrated each year with much festivity on and around this day. July is therefore a great time to go on a Kyrenia holiday, giving you the opportunity to participate in the local celebrations. The streets will be filled with merry locals, delicious local food and plenty of drinks - a guaranteed recipe for evenings of fun.

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